Study at the University of British Colombia, CANADA

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British Colombia At a Glance!

The university of British Colombia is a global center for teaching, research, and learning. The university is ranked amongst the top 20 public institutes/universities in the world. It was created in 1915, and since then the university has never stopped working and offering opportunities of growth and learning to people. The university has multiple campuses, two of which are located in Vancouver and the Okanagan. The university hosts more than 65,000 students from different parts of the world. The rich history of university attracts people from different parts of the world.


Campus life at University of British Colombia

UBC does not restrict the experience of people to classroom only but offers the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and grow as well. At UBC, you can master a new skill or enjoy diversity of cultures. Different clubs and societies reinvigorates mind, spirit and body. Some of the things one can do at campus other than taking classes include:

  • Visit Museum of Anthropology and others
  • You can participate in sports
  • Participate in club of your choice, like “Yoga Club”, “book club” or any other
  • You can create your own club as well

What you need to know about the University of Colombia’s entrance exams

The journey at UBC starts from the online application form. The requirements to fill the application form depends on two factors:

  1. Degree of choice
  2. Campus of choice

Proficiency in English language is mandatory. Thus one must meet the minimum criteria.

Other than English language Proficiency, UBC looks at:

  1. Your Grades
  2. Grades in your subjects related to selected degree
  3. Grades in Key courses
  4. Choices of course
  5. Achievements beyond academics

What is the admission process at the University of British Colombia “UBC”?

To apply to an undergraduate program, candidates must send their application via the application platform on the university’s website before March 15. Applicants must include certain supporting documents with their application: proof of having obtained their bachelor’s degree and corresponding transcripts. In addition, proof of English language proficiency (scores obtained on a test such as TOEFL, IELTS) must be provided.

Applications for the various graduate programs are processed by the UBC Graduate School. Application deadlines vary for each program, but all applicants must submit an application package that includes: a completed application form, transcripts for each year of the post-graduate program, two cover letters, a cover essay, and standardized aptitude test scores (GMAT) and

First of all, admission office ensures that you meet UBC requirements which are:

  • General Admission requirements
  • English Language requirements
  • Degree specific requirements

Then in the second step, personal profile (essay in the application) and academic profile are evaluated which leads to 3 outcomes:

  • Acceptance
  • Waitlist
  • Rejection

What is the tuition fee at UBC?

The tuition fee depends on the selected faculty. The tuition cost can be calculated online through the website.

What are the different programs at UBC?

  • Business and economics (18)
  • Earth, environment, and sustainability (32)
  • Education (7)
  • Engineering and technology (33)
  • Health and life sciences (46)
  • History, law, and politics (20)
  • Languages and linguistics (17)
  • Math, chemistry, and physics (25)
  • Media and fine arts (22)
  • People, culture, and society (37)

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