Study at Science Po, Paris, France

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Science Po At a Glance!

Science Po is one of the finest universities in the fields of humanities and social science in Europe. It is an international research institution. Science Po has 7 multicultural campuses and 478 partner universities.


University / campus life at Science Po

Science Po believes in personal growth and provides 200 association to help students in their personal growth through various activities, such as:

  • Student Associations
  • Spots Classes
  • Cultural Activities
  • Wellbeing Activities

Key Figures:

  • 200 student associations
  • 2500 students in athletic classes
  • 800 participants in artistic activities

What you need to know about the entrance exams at Science Po

For undergraduate admissions, there are five evaluations procedure, that are:

  • Performance on the French Baccalaureate exam or foreign equivalent
  • two qualitative and extensive evaluations of the whole application file (February)
  • The academic record of the candidate
  • Three essays
  • An interview

What is the admission process at Science Po?

Admission to the Bachelor program is open to future baccalaureate students, who must rigorously compile their application and send it before January 5 via the Sciences Po website. The application must include report cards for each year of high school, a transcript of grades from the baccalaureate early exams and proof of identity.

For the Masters, the procedure is almost similar. The candidate must have validated his or her complete file before January 11. Later, the publication of the eligibility results will determine which candidates will be able to take the oral exams and hope to be admitted.

Science Po provides admissions for international as well as national applicants for one-year Master’s and dual degree programs.

For doctoral programs admissions, applicants are required to present following documents:

  • Two academic recommendations
  • CV/resume
  • Proof of identity
  • Thesis project (PDF or Word format)
  • Copy of last completed academic degree
  • Master transcripts
  • If obtained, official proof of doctoral funding obtention.

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What are the different programs offered at Science Po?

Science Po offers courses and conducting research in field of
  • political science
  • history
  • economics
  • law
  • sociology
Science Po encourages students from all around the world to enroll in various internships, fellowships, and summer schools.

What is the tuition fee at Science Po?

The fee for first year enrollment undergraduate students is €13,190 per academic year.

For other programs and cases (re-enrolment) details are available on the specific webpage.

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