Study at the University of Pennsylvania, USA

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The University of Pennsylvania At a Glance!

The University of Pennsylvania is a private IVY League university in Pennsylvania. It was established in 1740. It is

  • Fourth oldest institution of higher education
  • #6 on the list of top 100 universities in the USA
  • #13 on the list of world university rankings 2021
  • #3 on the list of best colleges for pre med
  • #1 on the list of law school rankings by Median Salary

Campus / University life at Upenn

Life at Penn campus allows exposure to:

  • Arts & Culture: on campus student get the experience to accomplish music, theatre, culture
  • Community Involvement: Civic awareness and action are main part of campus life.
  • Diversity: it is one of the major value that is part of the world.
  • Groups & organization: Participate in social, political, artistic, and multicultural activities that put learning into practice.
  • Health & Wellness: the university emphasizes the advancement in interdisciplinary science.

What you need to know about the entrance exams at the University of Pennsylvania

Reporting OptionDomestic studentsInternational studentsHomeschooled studentsRecruited athletesTransfer studentsQuest Bridge students
Test optionalYesYes*YesYes**YesYes
Self-reported test scoresYesYes*YesNo**YesYes

What is the selection process at the University of Pennsylvania?

The selection process varies from department to department. Based on the departmental choice, the selection process will be made clear and application will be evaluated in that context.

For undergraduates, applications are made directly through the university’s partner application (Common App or Coalition Application). Among the items to be included in the application, the applicant must provide: a transcript of grades from each of his/her high school years, a motivational essay, two academic recommendations, standardized aptitude test scores (SAT, ACT), and language aptitude test scores. The applicant may be offered a motivational interview prior to the admission decision.

The entrance exam, or the standardized exams are optional at Penn University for year 2022- 2023. This condition applies to first year students and transfer students as well.

For graduate programs, applicants should apply directly to the department responsible via the university’s website. Overall, they will need to provide GRE scores, TOEFL scores (for international applicants), and letters of recommendation.

What is the tuition fee at the University of Pennsylvania?

The following table gives details of dues for undergraduate programs at Pennsylvania university.
  Living On Campus Living Off Campus Living With Family
Tuition $56,212* $56,212* $56,212*
Fees $7,240* $7,240* $7,240*
Housing $11,754* $10,054 $0
Dining $6,134* $5,230 $2,088
Books and Supplies $1,358 $1,358 $1,358
Transportation $1,036 $1,036 $1,656
Personal Expenses $2,004 $2,004 $2,004
Total Budget $85,738 $83,134 $70,558

What are the different programs offered at Pennsylvania University?

There are four undergraduate schools at Pennsylvania University:

  • The Wharton School
  • College of Arts and Science
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • School of Nursing

The details about graduate programs are available on the website.

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