Study at La Sorbonne, France

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La Sorbonne At a Glance!

La Sorbonne also known as University of Paris was founded in the year 1150. From 1150 to 1970 it remained top university of France except for the duration of French Revolution.

Though the institute continues to be prestigious in contemporary times also. The following table shows university ranking:

  QS WUR Subject 2020 QS WUR Subject 2021 QS WUR Subject 2022
World ranking National Ranking World ranking National Ranking World ranking National Ranking
Arts and Humanités 52 2 34 2 23 1
Engineering and Technology 114 4 96 3 66 4
Life Sciences and Medicine 45 1 46 1 39 1
Natural Sciences   31 3 22 1 14 1
Social Sciences and Management 175 7 142 6 122 6

Campus / University life at La Sorbonne

Sorbonne University described life at campus as “learning, teaching, serving, and living!”. The university invests in holistic development of the students. On Sorbonne University students can:

  • Participate in any event such as concert, art exhibition, theatre
  • Access libraries
  • Experience advanced world as it is in heart of Paris
  • Access to scientific equipment
  • Work spaces
  • Cafes

And the list can go on.

What is the admission process at La Sorbonne?

The general process for undergraduate admission and registration is:

  • Step 1: the application
  • Step 2: confirm selected degree program
  • Step 3: send documents to be attached
  • Step 4: receipt of CVEC registration
  • Step 5: Pay registration fee
  • Step 6: proceed with educational registration

What is the tuition fee at la Sorbonne?

There is no tuition fee at French public universities.


What are the different programs at Sorbonne University?

Sorbonne offers programs in two languages, French and English. There are: For more details, visit the website.

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