Study at HEC Lausanne, Switzerland

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HEC Lausanne At a Glance!

HEC Lausanne a remarkable business school, also called the Faulty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne. It is an affiliated business school of the University of Lausanne. The regional ranking of the HEC Lausanne is:

  • #20th for prestige of university
  • #15 for career advancement
  • #7 for curriculum at the campus
  • #7 for global experience
  • #24th for life balance
  • #14 for EMBA Europe
  • #55 for EMBA Global

Campus / University life at HEC Lausanne

The life at HEC Lausanne is diverse and enriched with opportunities to learn, research and grow. At HEC Lausanne there is:

  • Self fulfilment and diversity activities
  • Sports clubs and competitions
  • Facilities
  • Learning Center
  • Community service
  • Mission for disabled learners at HEC Lausanne
  • IT services

This offers opportunity for personal, spiritual and professional growth as well.

What is the admission process at HEC Lausanne?

Candidates for a Bachelor’s degree program must send their application online via the HEC Lausanne website or by post before February 28. In order to enter a Master’s program, two application sessions are open: candidates must send their application online or by post before February 28 (traditional admission) or before September 30 (admission in the spring semester).

The application process at HEC Lausanne is as follows:

  • Choose your programs and level of studies
  • Submit your application and related documents within the given deadlines (CV, ML, transcripts, diploma …)
  • Pay the Administrative fees, that is, CHF 200

For further details on admissions visit this website

Applications are evaluated on the basis of academic criteria as well as extra-curricular activities

  • Motivation
  • Professional experience
  • Personal interests
  • Participation in associations

Each complete application submitted on time will be included in the selection criteria. If the selection takes place before the publication of results of the first semester, each selected application that doesn’t fulfill this condition will be withdrawn. It won’t therefore be possible to submit another application for a new destination.

What are the different programs offered at HEC Lausanne?

  • European Sport Governance (MESGO)
  • International Taxation – in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Criminal Sciences & Public Administration,
  • Healthcare Management
  • Strategic Marketing and Communication
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Strategic Risk in Banking
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Cultural Management

What is the tuition fee at HEC Lausanne?

  • Tuition fees (exams included) and semester fees: CHF 580 (per semester)
  • Student on a restricted semester leave : CHF 210.
  • Student on a complete semester leave : CHF 130.

For further details on tuition fees visit this website

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