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Harvard University At a Glance!

Harvard university is a private IVY League research university in Cambridge. Harvard was founded in the year 1636 as Harvard College. It was named after benefactor, John Harvard. Harvard is the oldest institute of the United States of America. It is also one of the most prestigious institutes in the United States of America. Some of the facts about Harvard university are:

  • Graduation rate of 98%
  • Acceptance rate is 5%
  • The university has 400,000 alumni worldwide

The university programs include undergraduate and graduate both.


Campus / University life at Harvard University

Harvard is a university that offers rich experience and exposure to the students. There are:

  • Libraries: Harvard libraries offer diverse resources and access to credible data.
  • Museums: Harvard museums offer people the exposure to different historic sites and other relevant things.
  • Athletics: Harvard university offers athletic opportunities as well in the form of organized sports and games as well.
  • Work at Harvard: there were work opportunities at Harvard which allow an individual to get professional experience and grow professionally.

What you need to know about the entrance exams at Harvard University?

To apply for an undergraduate program at Harvard University, there is a mandatory requirement of SAT/ACT exam. Better marks in these exams increases chances for selection.

Other than this, the requirements of applications include:

  • Mid-year school report
  • Teacher evaluations
  • Final school report and transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Supplement material

What is the admission process at Harvard University?

Once the application is submitted, by the month of September applicants will start receiving confirmation. Applications are reviewed holistically and essays play major role in it.

For admission to the first year, all applicants (US and international) must apply by November 1. They will be asked to complete the application form available on the university’s website. The following documents must be included: answers to motivational questions; standardized aptitude test results (SAT or ACT); two teacher recommendations; and high school transcripts including mid-year transcripts. Finally, an application fee of $75 is required.

For the upper years, applications are made directly to each College according to the discipline. Supporting documents may vary depending on the program.

What is the tuition fee at Harvard University?

The tuition fee for undergraduate program at Harvard is 54,002 USD. More details are available on the website.

What are the programs offered at Harvard University?

Many programs and courses are offered at Harvard, some of these include:

  • African and African American Studies
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Anthropology
  • Zoology

There is a list of other programs available on the website with details.

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