Study at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Erasmus University Rotterdam At a Glance!

Erasmus university Rotterdam is a public university in Rotterdam. The university is named after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, who was a humanist and a theologian as well. This university was founded in 1913. More than 30 thousand students are enrolled in the university. The university is:

  • #4 in the Netherlands
  • # 72 worldwide

According to the Young University Ranking 202w, the university is ranked:

  • #1 in Netherlands
  • #4 Worldwide

It is a prestigious institute in the world.

Campus / University life at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The life at campus is happening and full of experiences. The art society of the university is particularly excellent with its rich experience and experiments too. The students can also join other societies such as:

  • Athletics and sports clubs
  • Music societies
  • Debating groups

One can visit advanced libraries and take benefit from the easy access to knowledge in these libraries.

What is the admission process at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

For Bachelor’s Program follow the following steps:

  • Check the program requirements and deadline
  • Take CD exam if you do not meet the requirements
  • Apply for the admission (through online application).

The detailed information about CD exams is available on the website.  

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, then register yourself while following these steps:

The entire application process for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs is carried out via the Studielink platform and the university’s website. Application deadlines also vary for each program and according to the profile of the candidates. In general, candidates will be asked to send a copy of their diplomas and transcripts for each year of study completed. Applicants will also be asked to provide a reason for their application in the form of an essay or an interview.

After doing the above mentioned steps, the study program you have applied to will take the decision.

For Master’s & Other Programs visit the website.

What is the tuition fee at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Fee for Bachelor programs:

Faculty Statutory fee EEA/EU students Institutional fee    
    Article 2.2 EEA/EU students NON-EEA/EU students
EMC (1) (2) 2,168 2,168 23,300 23,300
ESE 2,168 2,168 6,900 9,600
ESHCC 2,168 2,168 6,700 6,700
ESHCC – IBCoM 2,168 2,168 7,500 7,500
ESHPM 2,168 2,168 6,900 6,900
ESL 2,168 2,168 6,900 6,900
ESSB 2,168 2,168 6,900 6,900
EUC 4,400 4,400 12,500 12,500
ESPhil (3) (4) 2,168 2,168 6,900 6.600
RSM 2,168 2,168 6,900 9,600

What are the different programs offered at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Bachelor’s programs are offered in Dutch and in English. Some of the programs are:

  • Algemene Cultuurwetenschappen
  • Bachelor in Philosophy of specific discipline
  • Bachelor International Business Administration

Visit website for more details.

Master & Other Programs are offered as well.

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