Study at EM Lyon Business School, France

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EML At a Glance!

EM Lyon Business School is a French business school. It was established in the year 1876. The school has:

  • 9,020 students
  • 125 nationalities
  • 6 campuses across the globe
  • Prestigious ranking
  • 38,600 alumnus
  • #4 rank in Msc in Finance in France and 16 globally
  • #4 ex-aquo out of 24 schools

More details about ranking of the institute are available on website.


University / campus life at EML

The campus offers enriched learning experience with:

  • Library
  • Marker’s lab: these are prototyping workshops and offer learning through experience.
  • Incubator: it supports the projects for high growth which are in their ideation and launching phase.

These offer practical learning opportunities to the students. Apart from these opportunities of learning and growth, different clubs also add to the growth of the students.

What you need to know about entrance exams at EM Lyon

Once the below requirements are submitted, then online admission test must be taken. It contains test and fictitious situation (concours Sésame / Concours GBBA) which evaluates your:

  • organizational skills
  • rational skills
  • strategic skills
  • English proficiency exam

What is the admission process at EM Lyon Business School?

At this university one can apply at different stages. First of all, one must fill the online application which means:

  • High School course work
  • your grades
  • your English proficiency.

The Grande Ecole Program is accessible after a preparatory class. It is also possible to enter via a parallel admission procedure. Applicants with a diploma from at least three years of higher education must complete their application and attach all diplomas obtained, transcripts for each year of higher education, as well as the scores obtained in the aptitude and English tests.

The test is 5 steps and a role is allotted to the applicant. The steps of the test are:

  1. managing messages
  2. interactive meetings
  3. cognitive tests
  4. reporting
  5. deferred video interview

directly after the selection phase, the admission board takes decision regarding the selection of applicant.

The details for admission process of Masters program are available on the website.

What is the tuition fee at EM Lyon

For 2021/2022:
  • for admission in 1st year: €11,500 per year
  • for admission in 2nd year: €12,500 per year
  • for admission in 3rd year: €13,000 per year

What are the programs offered at EM Lyon Business School?

Details about other programs are available on the “Program” webpage of the institute.

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