Study at EDHEC Business School, France

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EDHEC At a Glance!

EDHEC is a grand French business school founded in 1906. This has campuses in different parts of the country, and there are campuses in London and Singapore as well. EDHEC has earned a position amongst the top ten business schools in Europe. It is:

EDHEC has:

  • 7000 students (2016 enrollment)
  • 167 permanent faculty member
  • 800+ adjunct faculty members

Campus / University life at EDHEC

EDHEC offers opportunity to students to enhance their social life and experience. This is one important part of their journey at EDHEC Business school. For instance:

  • Social clubs offer opportunity to interact with like-minded people
  • Diversity allows people to observe beauty of being different
  • Athletic and sport groups offer students time to do extra-curricular
  • Arts and museums have their own significance at the campus

What is the admission process at EDHEC Business School?

EDHEC’s International BBA is divided into three courses: the Business Management course, the Global Business course (offered exclusively on the Nice campus) and the Online course. Admission to the first year is open to high school graduates and requires passing the Concours PASS, which is accessible via the Parcoursup platform.

The Master in Management (Grande Ecole Program) is accessible after a preparatory class. It is also possible to enter via a parallel admission procedure. Applicants with a diploma of at least three years of higher education must fill out their application form and attach their diplomas, transcripts for each year of higher education, as well as the scores obtained in aptitude and language tests.

With a selectivity rate of 31% for the written exams for its Grande Ecole program, the school considers candidates with exceptional qualities. Those admitted via the parallel admission procedure have generally obtained very competitive scores on standardized aptitude tests (TAGE MAGE, GMAT) and language tests (TOEIC, TOEFL).

For French Baccalaureate the information is available on the website.

For those who want to apply for Master’s program, visit the program specific webpage.

What is the tuition fee at EDHEC Business School?

Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change:

For more details, click on the website.

What are the different programs offered at EDHEC Business School?

EDHEC offers undergraduate program in Business Administration.

The details for master’s program are available on website.

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