Study at Brown University, USA

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Brown University At a Glance!

Brown University is one of the Ivy League research universities in the Rhode Island. The university was founded as a college under the colonial rule in the year 1764. It is:

  • Leading university in the world
  • Seventh oldest university in the United States of America
  • Known for its undergraduate program

At Brown University there are:

  • 2477 courses
  • 1429 faculty members
  • 7:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 80+ undergraduate programs
  • 84 masters & doctoral programs

Campus / University life at Brown

Life at Brown is rich with opportunities for growth and extracurricular learning as well as curricular learning. Brown offers:

  • Athletic and recreational opportunities
  • Opportunity to work in community
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing and dining

What you need to know about the entrance exam at Brown University

For admission at Brown University, one must clear SAT or ACT test with flying colors to make application standout.

What is the admission process at Brown University?

For a first year application, the applicant must fill out an application form on the university’s website before November 1 or January 5, depending on his/her profile. In addition to this, he or she must provide answers to an admissions questionnaire, a motivational essay, academic recommendations, a clean criminal record, and a $75 application fee.

The admission process at Brown University is different depending on the status of the applicant. If you are first year applicant, then:

  • Fill common application
  • Access to Brown Applicant Portal will be given

If you are not “first year applicant” and fall under any other category, visit the website.

For the Graduate School, it is necessary to apply directly through the Brown University website. Here again, the applicant’s transcripts, a motivational essay, academic recommendations, standardized aptitude test results (GRE), and language proficiency test results (TOEFL) must be submitted. In addition, there is a $75 application fee.

What are the tuition Fee at Brown University?

The new student tuition fee for year 2022- 2023 undergraduate program is:

  Fall Spring Total
Tuition $31,340 $31,340 $62,680
Fees $1,283 $1,183 $2,466
Room $4,684 $4,684 $9,368
Board $3,236 $3,236 $6,472
Books $650 $650 $1,300
Personal $1,350 $1,350 $2,700
Total Cost $42,543 $42,443 $84,986

For tuition fee of other programs (Masters/ Doctoral) visit official website.

What are the programs at Brown University?

There are more than 80 undergraduate programs offered at Brown University. Some of these include:

  • Computer science
  • Econometrics and quantitative economics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Biology/biological sciences
  • History
  • International relations and affairs
  • Political science and government
  • English language and literature
  • Engineering
  • Neuroscience

For more details visit the website.

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