Study at Bocconi University, Italy

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Bocconi University At a Glance!

Università Bocconi was established in 1902 by funding of a merchant. He named the university after his lost son, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. It is first university to offer degree in economics. Today it is amongst the top university of not only country but also Europe and World.

According to the QS World ranking:

  • 2022, Social Sciences & Management, 10th rank (4th in Europe)
  • 2022, Accounting and Finance 5th in Europe, 15th Worldwide
  • 2022, Business and Management 6th worldwide, 3rd in Europe
  • 2022, Economics and Econometrics, 4th in Europe and 16th in world

Campus / University life at Bocconi University

The university is in the heart of the city. The proximity to urban center allows students to learn and explore. Besides, the university is perfect combination of modernity and rich history. Moreover, there are options of playing sports and green campus as well.

The website offers virtual visit of the university.

What is the admission process at Bocconi University?

To enter one of Bocconi’s Bachelor of Science or Law programs, three application sessions are open during the academic year: fall, winter and spring. The application is made entirely through the university’s website.

For admission at Bocconi in undergraduate program:

  • Take online exam- Bocconi online test, SAT or ACT
  • Check your applicant category
  • Fill online application

The documents needed to apply are:

  • Your ID/passport and your parental guardian’s ID/passport in case you are under 18
  • Declaration about personal details (form available in the online application)
  • Secondary school diploma requirements and validity form (form available in the online application)
  • Final third-last and second-last year transcripts
  • SAT or ACT or Bocconi test score report
  • CV/Resume and Motivational letter
  • Application fee receipt from the Bocconi store (100€)

For the Master’s programs, it is important to know that there are 5 application sessions during the academic year. Here, applicants must take a standardized aptitude test (GMAT or GRE) and complete their application with the supporting documents requested by the university.

Visit the website for information about Masters and other programs.

What is the tuition fee at Bocconi University?

Tuition fee for undergraduate program is: Tuition and fees at Bocconi are set at € 13.130 per year for admission in Bachelor of Science or Law More information is available on the website.

What are the different programs offered at Bocconi University?

The university offers:

  • Undergraduate programs
  • International Economics and Management
  • International Economics and Finance
  • Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication
  • Economic and Social Sciences
  • Economics, Management and Computer Science
  • Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence
  • International Politics and Government
  • World Bachelor in Business
  • Postgraduate programs

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