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Our institute is the number 1 in post-baccalaureate follow-up for French and international universities.


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L’Universitaire is managed by a team of 3 associate directors and has more than a dozen employees. All of them strive to devote the maximum amount of time and energy to the success of their students.

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A tailored accompaniment

Based on 2 steps:

  • An intellectual exploration supported by original introspection methods.
  • The implementation of a concrete strategy to achieve your future project

A unique approach

During your coaching, you will have access to resources, examples and mock tests customized to the desired pathway

The financial dimension is no longer an obstacle

Each year, we integrate motivated candidates with exemplary backgrounds and help them apply for scholarships and other grants




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We are offering several courses according to our students needs

We will help you with your applications on all platforms. Are you are planning to study abroad in the United States or the UK then you will have many options to select from.

We support you in your approach thanks to unique and proven results.

Are you want to join an international university for your master’s degree? You have completer your Bachelor’s degree abroad and now you want to join a french university for a Master’s.

We support you at all stages of the process and will make sure that you will face no problems during the whole procedure.

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